LTO Roadmap: LTO-6 and Beyond

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With the upcoming release of LTO-6 and the commitment of the LTO consortium to an extended roadmap, tape's future looks brighter than ever. The file system interface, LTFS, is carried from LTO-5 into LTO-6, providing a directory structure on tape that permits application-independent access to data on tape. The increases in capacity and throughput are significant, as well. LTO-6 tape storage is the sixth generation of the Linear Tape Open Consortium's technology, scheduled for release in 2012. The tape cartridge is announced, storing 2.5 TB of data (native/no compression), and with compression of 2.5:1, stores as much as 6.25 TB. The LTO consortium announcement stated that the transfer rate is up to 160 MB/s native. The open LTO technology has a roadmap that extends another two generations, up through LTO-8.

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Spectra T50e Tape Library

Compact, Enterprise Reliability
The Spectra T50e combines simplified management with proven reliability and enterprise-class features in a tape library solution that gives you the confidence to let your backups run without constant attention. Scalable from 10 to 50 slots, one to four tape drives and customer replaceable components, the T50e is the easiest library in its class to configure use and upgrade.

  • Capacity: Up to 150 TB in 50 slots (LTO-5, 2:1 compression)
  • Maximum Throughput: 4.0 TB/hr with up to 4 half-height drives (LTO-5, 2:1 compression)
  • Interface options: Fibre Channel - 4 GB/s and 8 GB/s (LTO-4, LTO-5), SAS - 6 GB/s (LTO-5)
  • Enterprise features including remote management, encrytption plus Media, Drive, and Library Lifecycle Management



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