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As Big Data areas such as enterprise analytics and data mining take enterprises into new levels of scale and data management, organizations will need to evaluate how they will manage archives with near-term planning horizons in the exabytes. In a series of recent announcements, Spectra Logic reaffirmed its commitment to continue to deliver scalable tape archive solutions for HPC and Big Data applications. Tape was already a leading technology for high-capacity archiving. Spectra’s enhancements aim to bring tape to exascale storage and Big Data by making tape more user-friendly as well.

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Spectra T-Finity Tape Library

Spectra T-Finity Tape Library

Intelligent Enterprise Storage
Spectra T-Finity sets a new benchmark in library design with an intelligent Enterprise library that offers a highly flexible hardware architecture and an evolutionary management interface, helping you achieve the highest scalability, availability and performance possible. Built upon Spectra’s history of leading edge library design and the comprehensive BlueScale software interface, T-Finity offers several advantages in a value-packed solution: component redundancy, high-performance dual robotics, industry leading storage density, extreme scalability, energy efficiency, ease of management, integrated encryption and enduring reliability.

  • Dual robotics
  • Capacity: > 304,920 slots: 3.66 EB (compressed TS1140 technology)
  • Throughput: > 480 drives: over 2.15 PB/hr (compressed TS1140 technology)
  • Redundant Robotics Control Modules (RCM)
  • Redundant I/O and Communications Paths
  • LTO-5, LTO-6 and TS1140 Technology tape drives




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