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Stay Ahead of Data Growth with Spectra T-Series and LTO-6 Spectra T-Series Image

Regardless of size, most organizations face the same data management challenge—efficiently and cost-effectively protecting and managing ever-growing data. Spectra® T-Series with LTO-6 offers exclusive data management and efficiencies for small businesses through to the largest Enterprises.

Higher Capacity. LTO-6 stores up to 6.25 TB compressed (2.5 TB native)
so you can consolidate your storage, manage less media, and confidently manage data growth.

Faster Performance. Experience shorter backup windows and fast data access

Lower Power. Delivers energy-efficient and cost-effective data management.

LTO Advancements in Tape Technology
  • LTO-6 Media Partitioning
    Allows users to logically partition an LTO-6 tape into a minimum of two partitions to facilitate metadata support and faster access to data on tape. Requires host-based application software support.
  • Superior power management
    Helps improve heat dissipation and provide greater operational efficiency than that of previous generation LTO drives with reduced power consumption in idle mode.
  • Digital Speed Matching (DSM)
    Allows the drive to stream data transfer to tape from slower hosts, speed matching ranges from 40 MB/s to 160 MB/s. DSM, along with a larger buffer, improves throughput and reliability in environments where the host data rate is less than optimal.
  • Superior drive technology
    Features designed to keep your tape operations and data access efficient and reliable. An advanced tape loader and threader mechanism helps improve error recovery when loading, threading, and unloading a cartridge.
LTO Generations of Commitment

LTO Roadmap

Commitment to tape by Spectra and the LTO Consortium is underpinned by a recently updated LTO roadmap which now extends to an eighth generation of drives and media. Additionally, backwards compatibility to LTO-4 offers seamless migration and consolidation of data to and smoother integration of new higher performance interface standards.

Spectra LTO Media Features Unlock the Full Potential of Tape

Get more value from your LTO-6 purchase with Spectra Certified Media and BlueScale® library management features. With Spectra Certified LTO media, we ensure that you are purchasing reliable media that not only protects your data, but also gives you a host of other benefits. Our Media Lifecycle Management mitigates media problems by proactively monitoring and reporting potential issues before they occur. Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) extends the same proactive monitoring and reporting approach of MLM to Spectra's LTO tape drives. For simplified LTO-6 drive based encryption, all T-Series libraries enable the highest level of security with integrated AES-256 encryption key management. BlueScale Encryption Key Management is standard for all library interfaces and does not require any additional hardware or software to manage encryption keys.

LTO drive specifications

Capacity: Up to 6.25 TB compressed 2.5:1 (2.5 TB native)
Data transfer rate: Up to 400 MB/s compressed (160 MB/s native)
Data rate matching: Digital Speed Matching, 40-160 MB/s
Data compression: SLDC (LTO data compression per ECMA-321)
Data cartridge: LTO-6 (rewritable) LTO-6 (WORM) Cleaning cartridge: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (UCC)
Backwards Compatibility: Read/write LTO-5 media. Reads LTO-4 media.
Interface: 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (auto-negotiates to 4Gb/s or 2 Gb/s); 6 Gb/s SAS (auto-negotiates to 3Gb/s).
Encryption: AES256-GCM (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). LTO-6 reads/writes LTO-5 encrypted media.

Reliability Specifications of Spectra LTO-6

Mean time between failures (MTBF): 250,000 hours at 100 percent duty cycle.
Mean swaps between failures (MSBF): 100,000 tape load/ unload cycles.

Reliability Specifications of Spectra LTO-6

Operating temperature: 10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)
Relative humidity: 10% to 80% (non-condensing)

Power Dissipation Specifications

Full Height: 7.5W (idle, cartridge loaded), 27W (typical)
Half Height: 6.5W (idle cartridge loaded), 24W (typical)



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