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Library Lifecycle Management - Spectra libraries ensure their health  through BlueScale Library Lifecycle Management (LLM). With LLM's automated monitoring  and tracking of hardware components over their lifetime, administrators can  easily identify if components may be failing, well before errors occur. Library  Lifecycle Management (LLM) tracks component-specific thresholds that, when  met, automatically alert administrators via email.
Hardware  Health Monitoring

BlueScale Hardware Health Monitoring (HHM) tracks key library components and notifies you when certain usage thresholds are met. These thresholds identify points at which the library logs and files should be reviewed by SpectraGuard Support to ensure the library is still functioning at optimal health. HHM notices can be sent to SpectraGuard Technical Support so they can determine if any preventive maintenance actions are recommended.

Component Lifecycle Tracking

HHM tracks the movements of critical library robotics components through the following ranges of motion: drive-to-drive, drive-to-slot, slot-to-slot, slot-to-drive, and to/from TeraPack Access Port (TAP) for import and export. As a result, HHM is aware of the lifecycle status of the robotics components through all axes of movement within the library. This continuous monitoring is then compared to lifecycle metrics such as distance moved, number of moves, alignment, and power-on time, for each component. The constant cross-check between what's actually happening with the robotics and pre-determined lifecycle metrics ensures that you are notified before components exceed time, movement, or alignment thresholds. With HHM you are further protected with on-going monitoring of the useful life of library air filters and controller module batteries so you can proactively replace these components.

HHM Notifications

One of the initial status indications that a review threshold has been met can be found on the status bar of your library's user interface.

You can click on this icon  and drill down into detailed information on the notification which was generated.  This information will include library serial number and name as well as the key components being monitored and their current status.

When you initially configure HHM, you can choose the email recipients you wish to receive notifications, and set up AutoSupport profiles to ensure they receive email notifications about event status. In addition, you have the option to automatically open support tickets with Spectra Logic SpectraGuard Support which will generate and send AutoSupport Log (ASL) files containing all of the information required for review. You must proactively notify SpectraGuard Support of HHM alerts.

Auto Drive Clean

Auto Drive Clean provides library-based cleaning of LTO drives without user intervention. Automated drive cleaning results in fewer failed tape read/write operations and is the recommended method for cleaning drives. The Auto Drive Clean feature uses a dedicated cleaning partition for storing cleaning cartridges. The cleaning partition can be shared by multiple storage partitions and is used by the library to automatically clean drives whenever necessary.

SpectraGuard Support

When SpectraGuard Support receives your support ticket and ASL files, they will assess the notification status relative to the pre-determined metrics and provide resolution which may be as simple as changing an air filter, or may include remotely logging into the library to provide more in-depth analysis. SpectraGuard Support can provide consultation via remote login for real-time, on-site assistance without the time or expense involved in bringing a service representative to your location.

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Remote Camera Monitoring

Observe and monitor the interior of your Spectra Logic library remotely with the web-based BlueScale™ Vision Camera. The BlueScale Vision Camera interface provides a full color display with zoom, pan, and tilt functionality for quick and easy access to see your internal library environment. You can benefit from an advanced assessment of your library before you incur the time and expense of moving equipment around, improving your data center's operation while maximizing the floor space used.

With its own IP address, you can log into a BlueScale Vision Camera remotely to verify operation and conduct visual troubleshooting. If your library is installed in a lights-out location or satellite office, you can quickly assess your library's operational health through this invaluable remote tool. The view through the internal camera can save you travel expense and lost productivity by eliminating the need to send someone to the remote location for visual inspection of the library.

BlueScale Vision Camera is a standard feature of T200, T380, T680, T950 (base frame) and T-Finity (master frame); and is an option for expansion frames on T950 and T-Finity. Field upgrades are available for previously installed T950 libraries. Field upgrades are not available for previously installed T200, T380 and T680 libraries.

BlueScale Vision Browser View

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