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Data growth is endless, and cost-effectively scaling storage is becoming a top priority for businesses and operations worldwide. Keeping up with unpredictable data growth is a daunting task. Organizations want to avoid making capital investments in storage that are far beyond their short-term capacity requirements, yet they must be prepared for the unexpected.

Designed with your growth in mind, the Spectra T-Series Enterprise libraries have been developed to preserve your initial investment in storage by providing a solution that addresses both your short-term and long-term storage needs.

Simplified Management

T-Series Enterprise redefines what you should expect from a tape library with a best of breed, feature-rich toolset that saves you time and money.

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Robust Reliability

Designed with top-notch performance in mind, the T-Series Enterprise libraries ensure you can always access and protect your data.

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Intelligent Scaling

Minimize your capital expenses with cost efficiencies available
through Spectra TranScale.

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T950 Customer Snapshot

Discover how John Hagee Ministries benefited from installing
a T380 into their environment.

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