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See tape like never before with Media Lifecycle Management -  Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) helps ensure your data will be accessible when you need it by improving tape reliability. MLM promotes pain-free tape storage and gives you the freedom to truly maximize your storage investments and save IT costs.
Reduce or remove the most common causes of media-related failures with Spectra's exclusive Media Lifecycle Management
Media Lifecycle Management Media Adminstration

Spectra Logic advances tape media administration by providing you with a tool that gives you important information to keep your tapes—and data protected. Available only in Spectra Logic's T-Series libraries, Media Lifecycle Management records about 40 data points every time a tape is loaded, giving you vital statistical and diagnostic information that helps you proactively manage your tape media. By utilizing our Certified Media and BlueScale interface together, you can manage, track, and report all facets of tape usage from creation to retirement—all consolidated within the same application you use to manage your library.

Giving you proper tape administration tools—from start to finish

Spectra's Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) is a proactive tape management tool that tracks, manages and reports on all facets of tape usage and health status—from creation to retirement. MLM reduces tape-related errors, eliminating unscheduled downtime due to media problems and increasing the reliability of your backup and archive operations.

Spectra's BlueScale® management interface unlocks the potential of Media Lifecycle Management. Through BlueScale, users can review every tape in their library and look at a brief summary of a tape's health or drill deeper to examine details such as compression ratios, load counts, write errors, encryption status, and more. BlueScale reporting allows easy visibility of tapes with high error rates, even in multiple drives and partitions, allowing for their removal before they cause data corruption.

Media Lifecycle Management is not only about enabling workable administrative practices; it is also about best practices for ensuring the security and quality of your data, so that it is available when you need it.

—Mike Kahn, Managing Director of The Clipper Group, Technology Acquisition Consultants.

Streamline the tape management process
Spectra BlueScale Media Lifecycle Management Screen shot
  • Reduce media-related backup errors
  • Monitor a tape's health at any point during its lifecycle
  • Leverage user-defined thresholds to protect critical data sets
  • Quickly identify overused and underused media
  • Identify when media should be retired
  • Know when tape has been used in unplanned locations
  • Simplify and improve troubleshooting
  • Track and monitor cleaning media's history
While other products may alert storage administrators to problems with tapes after they occur, Spectra Logic's Media Lifecycle Management tool proactively monitors tape health over the lifetime of the media, recommending changes as needed to prevent problems. Fewer media issues means fewer backup failures. A win-win for storage administrators.

—Heidi Biggar, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

See tape like never before


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