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Trade-In Programs

Is your storage solution no longer supported by your vendor? Have you outgrown your current storage requirements? Are you able to efficiently manage a continually evolving IT infrastructure and increasing compliance regulations with dated storage technology? Capitalize on your current storage solution and benefit from innovative storage technology by trading in your existing storage equipment. By participating in Spectra's Trade Up Program, you get value from your aging storage hardware and benefit from Spectra's innovative storage technology. Whether you are a small businesses or the most data-dependent Enterprise, Spectra T-Series libraries offer you a high-performance and cost-effective storage option that continually helps you meet your evolving storage requirements.

Reclaim Data Center Space

Save space with Spectra's highly-dense libraries. Spectra's TeraPacks gives our libraries the smallest footprint and the highest density. A single-frame Spectra T950 occupies 60% less space than the nearest competitor and continues to grow and scale in a minimal footprint.

Grow—and Avoid Obsolescence

We stand behind our products and engineer our features to be "built-in" and not "bolted-on." for maximum longevity. Spectra's BlueScale management interface is in its 12th release and continually offers updated feature and functionality enhancements that help you adapt to whatever you encounter in the future. For over 15 years, BlueScale has been continuously updated and enhanced with features ranging from self-monitoring to encryption and media management, giving you a tightly integrated structure that supports new technologies and requirements to better safeguard your data.

Save with Significant Energy Savings

Immediately realize the cost savings of tape by significantly reducing your power consumption. Spectra's T-Series libraries are energy efficient and our EnergyAudit feature gives you the ability to monitor your storage's power consumption, giving you greater control of your data center and budget.

Increased Reliability

For highly reliable tape archive and backup, Spectra T-Series tracks and reports the expected lifetime utilization thresholds for tape media, drives and library components. With advance notification, you can address any potential concerns about the critical components of your entire library before they become an operational issue.To ensure the viability of your data, Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) tracks and reports on health and security related statistics for Spectra Certified Media. Detailed reporting mitigates media problems and restore issues, allowing you to copy and move your data onto new media before degraded media affects your data.

Comprehensive Service and Support

Our expertise comes from over 30 years of solving real problems with hands-on lab work and on-site technical support. Our support staff is cross-trained over the entire storage environment—not just hardware—so we can assist you with all aspects of a problem. From open to close, we are committed to resolving any issue. SpectraGuard support offers a variety of options that minimize downtime and our Automated Self Maintenance (ASM) option allows for customers to replace specific library components and the BlueScale interface offers proactive monitoring of your library to alerts you of any potential problems.

Stable, Secure Future for Tape Technology

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium Technology is optimized for high capacity and performance with exceptional reliability in either a stand-alone or an automated environment. The combination of cost savings, density and the long-term technology development of LTO tape media surpasses the current and future capabilities of the proprietary drives and tape. The LTO Consortium is committed to developing the technology for more generations over a expanded time frame.

For more details about the Spectra Trade Up Program, please contact us.