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Spectra® T-Finity's modern design provides a tape archive and backup solution to fully meet the needs of the Enterprise IT, federal government, high performance computing, and media and entertainment markets, offering industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet the requirements of the most data-intensive environments in the world.

T-Finity's advantages reach far beyond the necessary high performance and high capacity requirements of data-intensive storage. With unmatched features and significant CapEx and OpEx savings, T-Finity redefines what customers should expect from modern tape archive and backup solutions. The modern design saves customers up to 30% on the initial capital investment and 15-20% on annual recurring operational expenses.

Modern Architecture

T-Finity's modern architecture offers an innovative and efficient approach to store and manage endless data.

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Enterprise Performance

T-Finity offers industry-leading scalability with the speed necessary to meet the growth and throughput requirements of any environment in the world.

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24x7 Operation

T-Finity offers leading-edge hardware design, software tools and product support to ensure you are always online 365x24x7.

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T-Finity offers best of breed hardware and a management toolset that saves you time and money.

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