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Spectra Logic products are changing the world of storage with these distinct features.

  • Data Integrity Verification - Spectra libraries confirm data integrity using an integrated, intelligent and comprehensive set of features that can verify that your data has been properly written to tape.

  • LTO Tape Drives - By combining LTO drives and media with Spectra T-Series, you realize the greatest storage density and energy efficiency available in tape storage.

  • TS1150 Technology Tape Drives - To overcome large scale data management challenges, TS1150 Technology offers you an efficient enterprise solution to address challenging capacity and performance requirements.

  • Media Lifecycle Management - Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) provides you with integrated, media monitoring and management tools to keep your tapes and data protected.

  • Low Power Consumption - Our libraries use significantly less power than competing disk and tape products and have monitoring capabilities that track power consumption.

  • Encryption - Spectra Encryption offers a range of options to meet any corporate, legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Library Lifecycle Management - Library Lifecycle Management monitors and tracks hardware components over their lifetime, permitting you to identify and address ailing components well before errors occur.

  • TranScale Architecture - TranScale utilizes interchangeable components between our T-Series libraries, enabling you to seamlessly transform, keep your critical components, quickly change sheet metal, and scale your library as you grow.

  • Self Maintenance - Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM) is an industry-first support supplement that allows select stocked parts on site allowing you to make immediate repairs when needed, eliminating library downtime and site visits.

  • BlueScale Environment - BlueScale, our library management tool, is integrated into our T-Series to provide efficiencies that help you reduce cost, improve reliability and ensure data integrity.