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Quality Awards 2012

Below are ranking excerpts taken from the Quality Awards article published in the December 2012 issue of Storage Magazine. For complete survey results, products compared and vendors included in the survey, read the complete Storage Magazine article.

2012 Quality Award Highlights
Quality Awards Article

About the Survey:
The Quality Awards are designed to identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use. Results are derived from a survey of qualified readers who assess products in five main categories: sales-force competence, initial product quality, product features, product reliability and technical support. Products are rated on a scale of 1.00 (lowest) to 8.00 (highest). A total of 378 respondents provided 468 midrange and enterprise-class tape library evaluations. Their methodology incorporates statistically valid polling that eliminates market share, vendor name, reputation or size as factors.

Overall Rankings
Overall Rankings Graph

Spectra had the highest overall average with a score of 6.84. It’s the second highest overall rating scored for enterprise tape libraries, trailing our own record of 7.40. Our performance in the midrange group—both past and present—is equally impressive: We received enough evaluations to make it into four midrange finalist lists and won all four of those Quality Awards.

Sales Force Competence
Sales Competence Chart

It’s been said many times that the sales process sets the table for the ensuing user/vendor relationship. We're happy to report the results that our customers feel as strongly as we do about the high sales expertise we offer for both enterprise and midrange libraries.

"Proving that its sales expertise comes in both enterprise and midrange sizes, Spectra scored highest for all category statements, showing particular strength once again with its sales support teams (6.84) and for keeping customers’ interest foremost (6.78)."

—Rich Castagna, Editorial Director, Storage Magazine

Product Quality
Product Quality Chart

"Spectra users rated their initial encounters very favorably, giving the vendor a resounding 7.17 category score with ratings of 7.00 or higher for all six category statements. That total has been topped only once by—you guessed it—Spectra Logic’s 7.50 a couple of surveys ago."

—Rich Castagna, Editorial Director, Storage Magazine

Features and Functions
Features and Functions Chart

What a library can and can’t do matters. Statements were captured for good design, scalability, management features and "Overall, this product's features meet my needs." Spectra came out on top with the highest scores in five out of the eight statements in the category.

Reliability Chart

"Spectra Logic users showed their overwhelming approval by grading the company’s enterprise libraries the highest for all seven statements in the product reliability category, including a couple of 7.06 scores for meeting service-level requirements and requiring few unplanned patches or updates."

—Rich Castagna, Editorial Director, Storage Magazine

Service and Support
Service and Support Chart

"Spectra Logic isn’t disappointing its users; it swept all eight tape storage system technical support statements with a staggering category average of 6.74. Spectra was astonishingly consistent with scores ranging from 6.61 to 6.89. It got top marks for supplying support as specified in contracts and received three scores of 6.78 for ease of service, knowledgeable support personnel and user training."

—Rich Castagna, Editorial Director, Storage Magazine


Would I buy this again?
Repurchase Chart

The results speak for themselves. 90% of surveyed Spectra Enterprise and Midrange library customers would buy from us again.