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High-Performance Computing

Your high performance environment continually tests the limits of technology and requires peak performance from your computing equipment—including your storage. Spectra’s T-Series libraries help you push the boundaries of your operational objectives, giving you cost-effective storage that meets all of your performance, growth and environmental needs.

Intensely Dense Storage

Based on Spectra's TeraPack architecture, Spectra libraries provide up to 71% improvement in data center floor space utilization. This dramatic, industry-leading storage density not only saves you data center space but also fits collocated and standardized data center designs that do not accommodate non-standard equipment footprints.

Extremely Scalable

Designed for intelligent expansion to accommodate massive data sets and growth, Spectra T-Series quickly expands to meet your evolving needs, giving you cost-effective storage during every stage of your growth.

Highly Energy Efficient

Save budget with intelligent and power-efficient storage. Tape is the most cost-effective media for storing mass quantities of data, and Spectra T-Series also consume the least amount of power when compared to competing tape libraries.

Designed for Active Archives

Spectra T-Series meets all of the necessary requirements for Active Archive environments by providing a unique set of library features that help keep your data online and protected. Our library, drive and media health monitoring tools allow you to maintain the highest reliability and promote data integrity by validating the data written to your archive.

Long Term Road Map for Tape Technology

Realize long-term investment protection for you archives with proven tape technologies that have established committed road maps. LTO open source drive technology has become the leading tape storage medium, dominating the industry with its incredible reliability, capacity and affordability. TS1140 Technology delivers the robust reliability and availability necessary in 24 x 7 duty cycle environments, giving the economical and long-term data retention that enterprise users require from their tape drives.

Spectra Logic's Matt Starr at Supercomputing 2014 Tech Talk


Watch Spectra Logic's Matt Ninesling at Supercomputing 2014

Solutions by Industry

Academia and Research
Research institutions are faced with the challenges of grant funding, accelerated research and discovery, as well as operation at optimal efficiency. Spectra is an industry leader in providing backup and archive solutions that exceed expectations and operational goals for HPC research environments. As shared resources become more commonplace, expanding across multiple departments for efficiency, universities often have a central location for scalable storage systems, with advanced accessibility, maximum uptime and unmatched availability. Our T-Series libraries allow ease of use for multi-department research, providing advanced simulation and analysis for innovative discoveries and continued advancements. Spectra provides highly functioning research environments that promote innovation at peak operational performance for the continued advancement in any field.

Life Sciences
With the requirement to process, analyze, and manage large quantities of data, accessible and scalable archives are quickly becoming a critical element of research success. To meet this ever-changing and evolving requirement, scalability and flexibility are increasingly important in the life sciences data center. In the life sciences, long-term storage is a must as well as frequent and reliable access – Spectra libraries offer the ability to streamline processes, reduce operational cost and provide unmatched security, performance and capacity with flat or decreasing IT budgets in mind. Spectra T-Series storage solutions allow the consolidation and virtualization of unstructured data assets, ensuring simplified, secured management in an ever-changing environment.

Spectra understands the unique needs of the Oil & Gas industry and the crucial need for data integrity and high performance retrieval of backup and archive data. Whether you are collecting and storing raw seismic or reservoir data acquired onsite or processing, running simulations and archiving it back at headquarters, Spectra can help. Our T-Series tape libraries are built for high performance environments and scale to multiple petabytes of backup and archival storage, helping you meet your archival and backup objectives while lowering costs with efficient management tools.

Spectra Logic understands the impact manufacturing organizations are facing today with the need to streamline process for modeling and other functions, while reducing costs and increasing client satisfaction. To help all types of manufacturers better store and access modeling and simulation data, Spectra T-Series tape libraries ensure constant availability and extreme scalability. With low-cost, energy efficient tape backup and archive, manufacturers can easily grow their storage and increase productivity without increasing budgets. Our innovative library architecture and tape management approach allows enterprise establishments to optimize the data center for performance, execution and simplified workflow.

Spectra T-Series tape libraries for data backup and archive strategy allows retailers to build and work in a data storage environment that optimizes business intelligence and increases uptime for success in an exceedingly competitive market. Our high performance technology can help you rapidly reach the conclusions that will help you optimize operations, improve your customers’ shopping experience and drive efficiency throughout your merchandising and supply networks. All within a framework that ensures peace of mind that protects your data and meets all of your privacy and compliance requirements.

Financial Services
Spectra Logic understands the unique HPC challenges facing the financial services industry. To successfully compete in today's global markets, firms need to run more iterations, simulations, and analysis with more data at a faster rate than ever before. With the rise of Big Data and its potential for expansion, storage and archives also face data challenges in addition to the compute challenges found in traditional risk, data mining, and pricing applications. To help firms achieve these goals and to enable greater business agility, Spectra offers storage with the capacity and performance necessary to meet the growing needs from risk, derivatives and pricing and trade strategies operations. Spectra T-Series libraries offer scalable, high performance and power-efficient archives that also include airtight security that helps financial organizations easily meet intensifying regulatory and data retention requirements.




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