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Sense Code Lookup

Sense Keys, Additional Sense Codes, and Sense Qualifiers

A SCSI error message is a five digit hexadecimal code divided into three fields. The first field is the sense key (sense), a hexadecimal number that ranges from 0 to 9, A through F. The second and third fields are the Additional Sense Code (asc) and the Additional Sense Code Qualifier (ascq), which provide more detailed information about the error. Hex numbers are usually displayed with an "h" or "0x". These additional characters can be ignored.

For example the SCSI error message 0x09 83h 01h is composed of

sense: 9
asc: 83 
ascq: 01

Together, the sense, asc, and ascq comprise a unique error code. The above error indicates that the bar code label cannot be read. To find out what an error that was returned from your library means, enter the error's sense code below (drop 0x0 and h):

Sense Code Lookup Form