#DeepStorage: Why University of Notre Dame Chose Spectra Logic to Preserve Its Digital Assets Forever

By: Ray Caruso

The University of Notre Dame, located in South Bend, Indiana, is one of our nation’s most prestigious and widely recognized academic institutions. Founded in 1842, Notre Dame has been leading the nation in research and scholarship for nearly 175 years. The university is rated among the top 25 universities in the nation and is also well-known for its esteemed athletic teams – the Fighting Irish.
Notre Dame1
Notre Dame is responsible for creating and storing a lot of data. The school’s University Archives require a large scale space for preserving digital research data indefinitely, as well as student academic records for 80+ years. They also back up a significant amount of data from several different areas within the school including the Center for Research Computing, the IT department, Fighting Irish Media (FIM), and the University Libraries.

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Spectra Logic Preps for this Year’s BolderBOULDER 10K

Each year since 1979, the citizens of Boulder, Colorado have come together on Memorial Day to participate in an international race event and local annual tradition known as the BolderBOULDER: the 10K race that attracts more than 50,000 participants and 70,000+ spectators annually. Participants of all ages and fitness levels are invited to participate in the event, which the BolderBOULDER website refers to as the “biggest and best Memorial Day celebration on earth.”


Spectra Logic employees have made it their own tradition to attend and/or participate in the BolderBOULDER each year. Spectra Logic supports its participating associates with registration fee reimbursement, team volunteer opportunities and the option to participate in the BolderBOULDER’s unique fitness initiative, the BolderBusinessCHALLENGE. The BolderBusinessCHALLENGE provides participants with access to online training programs and opportunities to run with some of the area’s professional runners.

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Another Successful Bring Your Kid to Work Day at Spectra!

By: Betsy Doughty

Yesterday, Spectra Logic hosted its annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day and (as always) it was an amazing time! With nearly 100 kids in attendance, it truly was a lively day here at Spectra.

Here were a few of the top highlights from throughout the day:

Each kid was provided with a t-shirt and “employee” badge upon check-in.


They went on a tour of both headquarter buildings.


We had local author and speaker, 13-year-old Kate Dellett, come in and speak about bullying, and everyone that attended received a copy of her book “Ally the Brave.”

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#ICYMI – Top 5 Spectra Announcements in April

By: Betsy Doughty

As always, the month of April has been a whirlwind of a month for Spectra, crammed full with trade shows, product launches, company announcements, and more! Four of Spectra’s most important trade shows, ISC West, Avid Connect, NAB Show and Globus World, all took place during April this year, and we also distributed five press announcements worldwide throughout the month. In case you missed it (#ICYMI), here are the top five Spectra announcements that occurred during April:

Video Surveillance Data Storage-SIA 2016

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Introducing the World’s Highest Capacity Storage System – TFinity ExaScale Edition

By: Eric Polet

At Spectra Logic, we are focused on delivering cost-effective data storage and protection solutions for the modern data center, enabling customers to affordably store and protect all data. Once again we are pushing the boundaries of tape library speed and capacity with the introduction of TFinity® ExaScale Edition, the world’s largest capacity data storage system. This revolutionary product will provide organizations facing exponential data growth with the ability to reliably and economically store their data for as long as required.

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Spectra Logic Benefits, Perks and Culture

By: Jeff Biley

For as long as we’ve been in business, Spectra Logic has been a company dedicated to promoting corporate culture and pride among its employees. Our people are what we value most, which is why we offer them excellent perks, benefits and company activities. It is our goal to make Spectra Logic an enjoyable place to work for all of our associates.

Spectra strives to provide its employees with new, convenient services, to make their lives easier while here at work. Today, we offer subsidized meals, supplied by A Spice of Life Catering, on-site massages, on-site haircuts, and daily fitness classes (boot camp, yoga, etc.) with a certified personal trainer. Recently we have introduced some new perks which include at work pick-up/drop-off dry cleaning and laundry services, and monthly visits from local food trucks.

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Gaining Insight Into the Future of Digital Data

With nearly 40 years in data storage, Spectra Logic has an established reputation as experts in deep storage. We provide both robotics for storage media and front-end interfaces to access data stored on conventional disk, Shingled Media Recording (SMR) disk, helium-enhanced disk, and tape. Understanding future costs, technologies, and applications is vital to today’s planning. As both a manufacturer and integrator, Spectra Logic pays close attention to trends in data storage performance, cost, and availability.

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Analyst Product Review: Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Ecosystem

By: Steven Easter

Integrating a tape library into a data center environment is generally a challenge. A variety of software/middle-ware products exist to help make the process easier, but are expensive and do so with a huge financial penalty. Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway, in many cases, provides a great alternative. BlackPearl functions as a private cloud, hybrid storage platform, and with the release of v3 (the third edition of BlackPearl’s software), it is now more flexible than previous versions. BlackPearl now supports genetically diverse storage including: several digital tape drive types, power-down SATA (SMR) HDDs, and online SAS HDDs. The two types of disk storage and LTO-7 format are new additions for the v3 release, and a policy engine and access control lists have also been added with the new update.

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Introducing 2U Verde DP

By: Ray Heineman

Spectra Logic recently announced a new addition to its Verde product line – 2U Verde DP.

Back in August 2015, Spectra launched its Verde DPE 4U, offering capacity in 200TB increments for as low as $0.09/GB. Soon after however, we decided to develop a 2U version as well for our customers that wanted to start smaller. At 96TB of raw capacity and a list price of $14,000 USD, 2U Verde DP provides users with flexible system connectivity, double or triple parity data integrity, and enterprise class system management.

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@StarrFiles: 2016 Storage Predictions

By: Matt Starr

2015 was a big year for Spectra Logic. We announced multiple new products, including Verde DPE and ArcticBlue, to support several upcoming changes in the data storage industry. Here are a few of my top storage predictions for 2016…

  • New Challenges with Disk Storage Emerge
    1. Data is continuously growing, inspiring the need for high capacity storage solutions. Disk storage solution capacities are not growing quickly enough to keep up with the expansion of data. This will be an interesting time for the major data holders.
    2. Main pain point for storage professionals in 2016: Learning to deal with SMR drives if they plan to stay with rotating disk technology
  • Vertical shift: The Video Surveillance and Bioinformatics markets will take off
    1. Video Surveillance – Probably the most volatile market – will soon be a very large archive market.
    2. Bioinformatics- Every genomics site requires or WILL require an affordable, long-term archive.
    3. HPC – Will continue to grow – Moving from 10’s of PBs to 100’s of PB’s, into the exascale world
    4. M&E – Similar to HPC, but somewhat slower growth. Nowadays, a much higher volume of broadcasting streams (cable, Hulu, etc.) are available to viewers than there were in the past. Advertising dollars, however, have remained roughly the same. That said, the M&E industry is now learning how to “run a leaner shop.”
  • Object storage becomes a standard, NOT just an option
    1. Organizations will shift from “if” they will move to object storage, to “when” they will move to object storage.
    2. File systems will still have a place in the datacenter, but the bulk of data will move to object storage due to its control, expansion and searchabiliy features.
    3. Object storage becomes like “valet parking for data”. Customer’s don’t care where the data is physically parked they just want it safe and ready to be retrieved easily and quickly when needed it.
  • Emerging Technologies to Watch
    1. Flash/converged technologies continue to be popular
    2. Hybrid cloud becomes increasingly popular
    3. Erasure Coding becomes more mainstream and shifts from a feature role to more of a requirement
    4. New MVRAM technologies that surpass current products will hit the market
    5. Wider adoption of cloud/restful protocols for moving massive sets of data

Within the past month, I’ve come across several prediction pieces from industry professionals, sharing great insights into what 2016 will bring for data storage. Check out a few of them here:

What do you see in the marketplace? What is your vision for Data Center trends in 2016? Contact me on Twitter @StarrFiles using #StoragePredictions2016.

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