The Environment and Use for Deep Storage: Part II

By: Matt Starr

In my previous blog I introduced BlackPearl, a new gateway to object storage for tape, and the DS3 interface, based on Amazon’s S3, that make it possible. Today I want to focus on use cases for BlackPearl.

There are two primary use cases that would compel an organization to pursue a deep storage solution like BlackPearl. The first is found in organizations managing exceptionally large data archives. Media & Entertainment organizations are an obvious fit. These companies store massive amounts of data representing movies, TV shows, sporting events, training videos, TV evangelism broadcasts, etc. Another group that falls into this “archive need” category is research facilities. These vary anywhere from universities, to medical groups, to genomic studies, to weather centers, etc.

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Spectra Logic and Avid Announce Joint Integration of BlackPearl and Interplay | Production ® Asset Management

First ever direct access between Interplay PAM and Deep Storage archives

BOULDER, Colo.—April 10, 2015—Spectra Logic and Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today, at Avid Connect 2015, unveiled a new integration that allows long-term data storage and easy accessibility at extremely low cost, with a direct to tape archive option not previously available. This integration allows Avid users to directly archive and retrieve content from tape libraries. Availability of the new Spectra Logic-Avid solution means that media and entertainment assets can be stored indefinitely, for only pennies per gigabyte.

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New Developer Website and New Vision

By Jeff Braunstein, Developer Evangelist

Last week Spectra Logic released a new version of the Spectra Logic Developer Program website.

One reason for launching the new site was to update the look and feel to match our recently updated corporate website. Besides looking great, the new sites work on all devices and have some nice interactive features.

But the main reason for the new version of the Developer site was to make our DS3 client development tools easier to download and access. DS3 is our deep storage protocol, an extension of S3, which allows users to move data to deep storage using simple HTTP commands.  This protocol is made possible by our BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway.  Now anyone can access all the tools needed to create a DS3 application, including a BlackPearl Simulator, Software Development Kits, sample clients, and documentation.

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Spectra Spring Trade Show Forecast

By: Betsy Doughty

Spectra Logic is getting ready to dive into a busy spring trade show season! This year, we will be attending shows around the globe, from eResearch in New Zealand to Expo Seguridad in Mexico City. We are looking forward to mingling with fellow data storage enthusiasts, displaying our products and discovering what’s in store for the future of the industry. Although we are attending nearly fifteen industry events this spring, there are a few shows that we are particularly excited about.

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Introducing the new Spectra Logic Website

By: Betsy Doughty

Spectra Logic is very excited to announce the debut of our NEW corporate website! It has been a long time in the making, and we are very proud of the modern look and feel we have created. The website has undergone a complete renovation and incorporates a lot of cool new features including:

  • Interactive 3D Product Animations
  • Improved Mobile Functionality – so it will look great on all of your devices!
  • Better Resource Navigation – we’ve made everything easier to find via layout & search
  • Social Media Page – Includes real time updates to all Spectra social media platforms
  • Customer Case Studies – the page is now more visual and interactive
  • Tech Talks & Webinars – you can now search videos

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LTO-7 Pre-Purchase Program

By: Deb Saret

The next generation of LTO technology is nearly here! On March 1st, Spectra Logic announced the availability of its LTO-7 pre-purchase program. By using Spectra’s LTO-7 pre-purchase program you will be able to take advantage of today’s best LTO technology then easily exchange those LTO-6 tape drives for next generation LTO-7 technology drives as soon as they begin shipping.

LTO-7 offers several technology improvements, including:

  • Data Rate: 300 to 315 MB/sec uncompressed
  • Capacity: 6 to 6.4 TB uncompressed
  • Head actuator: 32 channel

LTO-7’s enhanced data rate provides a performance increase of up to 97%, when compared to LTO-6. This performance boost translates into the need for less tape drives to do the same amount of work, and a reduction in the cost of your annual service contract.

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The Year Four "Surprise"

Tape libraries today are typically in production for timeframes of around seven to ten years. During this period, customers generally choose to purchase some type of customer support contract. It is important to ask your storage solution provider questions, in regards to support services and contracts, when purchasing a product that will likely be on your data center floor for an extended period of time.

Ask about the cost for support service renewals, extending past the first 1-3 years of your contract. Many companies will be competitive with their service contract pricing at the time you acquire your system, providing you with a low initial quote. However, for many products (like tape or archive systems) the lifespan of the appliance is much longer than one to three years. Therefore, it is important to understand the costs for the support contract that will cover your product throughout the extent of its lifetime. Make sure you are not “teased” into purchasing a product that looks competitive on the front end, but may potentially holds an unpleasant surprise after your initial contract comes up for renewal.

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The Environment and Use for Deep Storage: Part I

At Spectra Logic we’ve been coined the “Deep Storage Experts,” and I think our most recent introduction solidifies that position.  In 2013, Spectra introduced a “first of its kind” product into the data storage market that is changing the way organizations manage extreme data growth and long-term data retention. This product is known as the BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway.  Its functionality provides an innovative new approach that enables the use of Web interfaces, like Amazon’s S3, combined with object storage to send large amounts of data to multiple storage domains including both disk and tape.

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Spectra Logic Developer Program and Developer Evangelist

Spectra Logic has entered a new phase in our company’s history. Our unique products have always required us to be both a hardware and software company. But now, for the first time, we are making it easier to store data on our hardware by providing a software interface available to everyone. This means that customers and partners can build their own applications and clients to move data to Spectra's deep storage tape libraries. This could greatly reduce the cost and complexity of storing data in long-term archives. But it also means that Spectra must provide the tools and resources necessary for users to build these software applications.

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2015 Hot Topics: Pulse Check at Industry Events

Spectra Logic CTO Matt Starr shares some of his observations from 2014’s fall/winter tradeshow line up. Matt recently attended and represented Spectra at several global tradeshows, including, IBC (Germany), HUF (Germany), Powering the Cloud (Germany), SC14 (New Orleans), and MEW (UK).

Industry tradeshows and events are a great place to put a finger on the industry's pulse, and get a sense of what next year’s hot topics are likely to be. Although there were many, here are a few of the top trends I spotted while communicating with prospects, customers, partners and peers at IBC, HUF, Powering the Cloud, SC14 and MEW.

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