Another Successful Spectra Summit!

By: Betsy Doughty

Last week in Boulder, Colorado, Spectra Logic hosted its well-known press, analyst and blogger event – formally recognized as Spectra Summit. This year’s event was held at the St. Julien Hotel & Spa, located in the heart of Boulder, CO, just footsteps away from the Pearl Street Mall. The event was a success with more than 35 press/analysts/bloggers and four customers/partners in attendance.

Black Summit Logo

The event officially kicked off on the evening of Monday, October 12th with a welcome reception held at the Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery & Event Center. Here, our guests were able to mingle with Spectra Logic employees and executives, as well as with each other, while enjoying cocktails, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and the captivating art displayed within the gallery. read more

Spectra Logic BlackPearl Developer Summit

On Tuesday, October 20th at 9:00 AM MST, Spectra Logic will host its first ever BlackPearl Developer Summit, a virtual conference for current and potential BlackPearl client developers to come together and learn about Spectra’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway, and the BlackPearl client development process.


During the two-hour virtual conference, attendees will receive product updates direct from Spectra’s CEO, Nathan Thompson, and from BlackPearl product manager, Steven Easter, who will explain in detail how these new features will improve the client development process for customers and developers alike. read more

Public Clouds Beware: Spectra Logic Announces the Arrival of LTO-7

The long anticipated release of LTO-7 has finally arrived! Built to be bigger, stronger, faster… but without the six million dollar price tag, if you recall Lee Majors’ bionic man in the 1970’s television series, The Six Million Dollar Man. LTO-7 tape technology is well ahead of its LTO predecessors and delivers a compelling total cost of ownership (TCO) story.


Packing 15* TB of compressed capacity onto every tape and driving a compressed data rate up to 750* MB/s, it’s easy to see how LTO-7 may be today’s equivalent of a bionic tape drive. With more than two times the capacity and nearly twice the speed of LTO-6, the newest drive technology is designed to subdue the enormous data growth trajectories currently facing storage administrators. read more

Fall Trade Show Season is Upon Us!

As summertime is nearing its end, Spectra Logic is, once again, gearing up for another jam-packed fall trade show season. This year, we’re looking forward to attending more than 17 industry events, across five of our unique vertical markets, in countries all around the world. We are excited to engage with prospective customers, partners and professionals, while showcasing Spectra’s suite of deep storage solutions.


Among the 17 shows we are scheduled to attend, there are a few that we are particularly excited about… read more

Spectra Logic’s All-Star Support Just Keeps Getting Better

Over the past five years, Spectra Logic’s support team has made significant enhancements to its infrastructure and service capabilities, to more effectively address the needs of the company’s growing customer base.

New Customer Support Portal

We introduced a new customer portal to simplify interaction with our support delivery organization, which is accessible through our corporate website. The portal delivers an extensive collection of informative articles, training modules and videos that allow our customers to become more familiar with Spectra’s technology, simplifying their day-by-day interaction with our products. The portal also makes it easy to perform tasks like upgrading firmware, logging support incidents, creating license keys and checking on the status of inventory and contract expiration dates.Support Portal read more

Introducing, Spectra Verde DPE – Digital Preservation for Enterprise

Earlier this week, Spectra Logic unveiled an exciting new product, Verde DPE. Verde DPE is a first to market Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) based network attached storage (NAS) disk platform based on the building blocks of our very successful Verde NAS product. This product is not only a breakthrough in digital preservation for enterprise, but also a revolution in price for Bulk NAS storage.


What is Shingled Magnetic Recording?

Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) is a new disk technology that increases drive storage capacity. Spectra Logic Verde DPE leverages SMR technology to allow each written disk drive track to overlap the previous track in the same way that shingles on a roof are laid increasing storage density by an average 25%. Coupled with Spectra’s implementation of ZFS software RAID, this technology brings new life to long term storage for enterprise, as low as 9₵ per gigabyte. read more

Genetic Diversity… Not Just for Peas and Fruit Flies Any More

By: Bob Cone 

Yes… I’m referring to Gregor Mendel’s experiments with peas in the 1800’s, which led to a better understanding of genetics, and possibly our own study of fruit flies in middle school biology which drove the point home. So how have we completely forgotten about the importance of genetic diversity when it comes to one of the most important aspects of modern day life – protecting our data?

Gregor Mendel

Data storage is one of those things we’ve taken for granted for a long time. We back it up. We replicate it. We archive it. It’s all good. But what do we backup, replicate and archive to? Does it matter? It used to be tape which is quite “genetically” diverse from disk where the primary data lived.  There were reasons we might have favored keeping it all on disk. It’s quicker for a short restore. We could put the data there without “middleware,” software that understands both disk and tape. And even though disk creates a lot more heat than tape, it just somehow seemed cooler. read more

Another Successful Year at Spectra’s Annual Sales Kickoff

By: Betsy Doughty 

Every year, Spectra Logic sales associates from around the world travel to Boulder, CO to come together for the company’s annual fiscal year kickoff.

The purpose of the event is to allow the sales team to gather and review both the successes and areas for improvement from the past year, as well as discuss the expectations and goals for the coming year. Kickoff is a great opportunity for Spectra’s sales team to not only learn about new products, services, and company goals, but also connect with partners and customers, and spend quality time with fellow team members. read more

Got Clients?

Jeff Braunstein
Developer Evangelist

Spectra Logic has just closed the books on another successful fiscal year. Part of that success has been due to our BlackPearl Gateway, which provides a private cloud S3 interface to our deep storage tape libraries. While Spectra’s tape libraries have always been a low-cost, scalable and durable solution for storage, BlackPearl now also makes it very easy to move data to tape.

Software clients will always be needed to move data to tape. However, in the past, these clients needed to communicate directly to the tape drives in the tape library. Tape drives use SCSI commands, which are fairly complex and low level. The software clients needed to know how to efficiently stream data to the tape drives. Most tape libraries have more than one tape drive, so the clients needed to be aware of all tape drives and efficiently manage data traffic between them. read more

Spectra Logic Fitness Challenge

By: Betsy Doughty

For a third year, Spectra Logic employees participated in the Spectra Logic Fitness Challenge. The Fitness Challenge, a collaboration with local Personal Trainer Judd NeSmith, aims to encourage healthy living in and outside of the office. The challenge measures associate’s fitness levels in a seven-part test curated by Judd that focuses on agility, stamina, and strength.

Spectra employees took the first test in the Challenge last week, with a total of 44 individuals participating. Individuals began with a Body Mass Index (BMI) reading using a professional scale, their waist circumferences measured, and then alternated between squat and push-up exercises. After seeing how many squats and push-ups they could do within a minute, participants tested their stamina by holding a side plank pose. When the group finished, they gathered for the T-Test, where individuals would take turns running in a ‘T’ shape as fast as they could. The final part of the test was a one-mile walk or run course set up around Spectra’s campus. read more