Continuing the LTO Commitment:

Spectra Libraries Seamlessly Scale with LTO-8


Introducing LTO-8 Tape Technology*
Spectra libraries will support LTO-8 (linear tape open) technology, the eighth generation of tape technology that delivers on the promise made by the LTO Consortium to develop LTO tape technology through at least 10 generations. With the higher capacities of LTO-8, the entire line of Spectra tape libraries will allow customers to store more data and better utilize their existing tape library footprint.

What’s New with LTO-8?
LTO-8 doubles the capacity of LTO-7 and provides an increase in performance. The extra performance translates into fewer tape drives to do the same amount of work, while the additional capacity equates to fewer tape cartridges used to store the same amount of data.

LTO-8 offers a compressed storage capacity of 32TB** (12.8TB** native) using a 2.5:1 ratio.

Unmatched Storage Density
With LTO-8 technology, Spectra tape libraries offer unsurpassed storage density and minimal footprint through a unique and highly efficient design. Instead of using traditional tape slots, Spectra uses innovative TeraPack® containers to store tape cartridges. This approach gives Spectra’s enterprise libraries industry-best density, allowing storage of up to nearly three times the information per data center floor tile as the competition.

In parallel with Spectra’s Data Integrity Verification and Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) included with its tape libraries, LTO-8 tape’s accuracy and reliability ensures the safety of your data well into the future. Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) helps you monitor drives by integrating tape drive analysis, diagnostics and reporting within the library’s easy-to-manage, color-coded icons that help you quickly identify the health status of a drive.

The new LTO-8 pre-purchase program allows Spectra customers to obtain LTO-7 drives for their use until LTO-8 drives become available. The LTO-8 pre-purchase program covers LTO-8 drives that integrate with all Spectra tape libraries, including the Spectra TFinity ExaScale, T950, T680, T380, T200, T120 and T50e. Learn More >

LTO Roadmap Gen 3 through 10

LTO: The Industry Standard for Tape Technology
LTO tape technology is the only open standards, nonproprietary tape technology. Interchangeability of tape media and drives is guaranteed from all LTO manufacturers to allow freedom of choice for end users. With LTO technology you will experience the lowest cost, most energy efficient tape technology with ongoing advancements driven by high volume and competition.

Spectra Certified Media
Spectra Certified Media

All tape is not the same. Only the highest quality media available on the market becomes Spectra Certified Media. While Spectra libraries do not require the use of Spectra Certified Media, the company recommends its use to ensure you have the most reliable and worry-free data protection possible.

Spectra Certified Media with CarbideClean® makes sure that your LTO media is debris-free, allowing your system to run at peak performance. CarbideClean is a unique Spectra enhancement that extends the life of your tape drives and improves the performance and capacity of your tape cartridges. For Spectra Certified Media, Spectra is the only vendor that tests, cleans, and examines EVERY single tape cartridge prior to shipment to the customer. Certified Media reduces the most common media-related failures. Coupled with MLM, it allows you to proactively manage your LTO tape inventory through simple monitoring of over 40 health statistics and automatically identifies at-risk tapes ready for retirement.

Specifications: Spectra LTO-8 Tape Drives

  • Capacity**: Compressed storage capacity of 32TB using a 2.5:1 ratio (12.8TB native)
  • Data Cartridge: LTO-8 (rewritable) LTO-8 Cleaning Cartridge: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (UCC)
  • Interface: 8GB/s Fibre Channnel (auto-negotiates to 4 Gb/s or 2 Gb/s); 6 Gb/s SAS (auto-negotiates to 3 Gb/s.
  • Encryption: 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Support: LTFS and WORM (Write Once Read Many)

*LTO-8 is scheduled to ship in Q4 2017
**Capacities based on LTO Consortium public roadmap