LTO-6 Tape Technology

Spectra Tape Libraries
Maximize LTO-6’s Greater Capacity


Get the benefits of LTO-6 today and upgrade to LTO-7

Tape Libraries with the Highest Density
With LTO-6’s greater storage capacity, you can maintain or reduce your existing footprint with Spectra’s industry-leading storage density. Spectra tape libraries use innovative “cabinets” instead of slots, and TeraPack containers in place of individual cartridges, resulting in a storage density that is unmatched by any other library available. This incredible density lets you maximize the amount of data that can be stored per square foot of expensive data center real estate.

LTO-6 Capacities and Spectra Tape Libraries
**Indications are that Barium Ferrite media will be required for all LTO drive generations beyond LTO-7.

Commitment to tape by Spectra and the LTO Consortium is underpinned by a recently updated LTO roadmap which now extends to a tenth generation of drives and media. Additionally, backwards compatibility to LTO-4 offers seamless migration and consolidation of data to and smoother integration of new higher performance interface standards.

LTO drive specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 6.25 TB compressed 2.5:1 (2.5 TB native)
  • Data transfer rate: Up to 400 MB/s compressed (160 MB/s native)
  • Data rate matching: Digital Speed Matching, 40-160 MB/s
  • Data compression: SLDC (LTO data compression per ECMA-321)
  • Data cartridge: LTO-6 (rewritable) LTO-6 (WORM) Cleaning cartridge: LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (UCC)
  • Backwards Compatibility: Read/write LTO-5 media. Reads LTO-4 media.
  • Interface: 8Gb/s Fibre Channel (auto-negotiates to 4Gb/s or 2 Gb/s); 6 Gb/s SAS (auto-negotiates to 3Gb/s).
  • Encryption: AES256-GCM (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). LTO-6 reads/writes LTO-5 encrypted media.

Power Dissipation Specifications

  • Full Height: 7.5W (idle, cartridge loaded), 27W (typical)
  • Half Height: 6.5W (idle cartridge loaded), 24W (typical)