We chose the Spectra T950 after researching competing libraries because of its high performance, density, and reasonable cost. We’ve been able to significantly improve backup speed with the highly recommended enterprise tape library.

Prasun Desai, NASA/Langley
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The explosive growth in data requires federal agencies to store large amounts of data while experiencing some of the tightest budget constraints ever. Agency data is growing at the same exponential rates as it is in the commercial sector. However, federal agencies have additional needs for security, reliability and availability to protect sensitive and essential information.

We help our customers architect an environment using the appropriate storage medium based upon the type and age of your data. With intelligent data management we save you time, reduce risk and lower costs!

Save time – Free Your Resources
Storing data can be very time intensive if not executed with highly efficient products and processes. Spectra products greatly reduce the time it takes to backup, archive and restore your data – allowing you to address other high priority operations.

Reduce Risk – Don’t Take Chances with Your Data
Federal agencies must protect, store and archive large amounts of confidential data while at the same time maintaining regulation compliance. Your agency can’t afford to take chances with your data. Spectra’s solutions reduce your risk with products that are easy to implement, eliminate human error and ensure maximum uptime. An extra layer of data security in our products is achieved with integrated AES-256 bit encryption.

Lower Costs – Reduce the Capital Drain of Data Storage
It’s inevitable that your data will continue to grow yet government budgets are shrinking. As data continues to increase, Spectra’s solutions offer innovative features that help you grow and make the most of your IT dollar.

Energy costs are emerging as one of the top three operating costs in the data center. Our products are engineered for optimal energy efficiency, consuming less power than comparable solutions.

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