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Organizations in many industries use video surveillance to improve safety and security, protect business assets, meet legal requirements, and much more. To meet these demands, organizations are installing additional high definition cameras and retaining video for longer periods. Higher camera resolutions coupled with faster frame rates and expanding retention requirements place increasing pressure on both storage budgets and administrators.


Resolution and the number of required cameras increases each year, but so do retention requirements due to legal and corporate compliance mandates. The cost of long term video storage is prohibitive. This forces compromises: reduced retention, lower resolution, single copy of critical video. Spectra’s Video Surveillance Archive Solutions lower costs and simplify the workflow to remove compromises from your system.

Verde provides affordable, scalable, network attached video storage. Easily retain IP video and seamlessly expand up to 3.4PB. To ensure your IP video is protected and accessible, Verde’s high integrity, enterprise SAS drives provide the highest levels of data assurance. Providing a balance between accessibility and cost, Verde meets the demands of any size video surveillance environment.

Disaster Recovery
Creating a disaster recovery copy either locally, or remote has never been easier. Spectra’s Verde with NFI (network file interface) automatically creates a second copy of video on digital tape to provide protection from natural disaster, accidental deletion, theft, and more. Verde with NFI provides you with peace of mind that your critical video will be there when you need it.

Tiered Storage
Affordably store years of high definition video utilizing long term, low cost tiered storage. Using Spectra’s open API, any VMS package can seamlessly integrate to Spectra’s BlackPearl interface allowing automatic video archive on both disk and digital tape. BlackPearl allows cameras to be utilized to their full potential, while retaining video as long as needed.

Long Term Cost Advantage
Spectra’s Video Surveillance Archive Solutions offer economical video retention. They provide ongoing expense reductions through incremental scaling and support for future expansion.

  • Purchase less hardware with Spectra’s superior bandwidth performance
  • Simplify purchase, installation and support with one single vendor
  • Affordably retain high resolution, full frame rate video
  • Lowest power and cooling costs

Video Surveillance Calculator

This tool is for calculating the approximate storage needed for retaining video surveillance video data. Calculated capacity values may differ slightly from actual results..

Spectra Logic’s Command Center
The Command Center at Spectra Logic Headquarters provides security professionals a glimpse into a real-time surveillance operation. Sponsored by industry leading camera manufacturer’s, the center showcases state of the art camera technology and features Spectra’s Video Surveillance Archive Solutions at the heart of the action. In the Command Center we demonstrate how our solutions seamlessly stores video to provide long term, accessible video retention.

If you are interested in setting up a tour of the Spectra Logic Command Center contact us.

Video Surveillance at Spectra Logic

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