Spectra BlackPearl Family

Simply and affordably preserves your data forever

Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System allows data to be seamlessly archived to disk, tape and cloud storage through a single object storage interface. BlackPearl eliminates middleware and enables users to store their data on the most cost-effective tiers of storage for their unique environments.
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“The Spectra BlackPearl solution provides an easy-to-use archiving system which is scalable and resilient while remaining cost effective.”
Simon Fearn, Product Manager, Marquis

The Right Fit for Every Organization

With BlackPearl’s product family, organizations will find the perfect fit for their workflow. From the affordable V Series that can transfer data at 300 MB/s to the BlackPearl P Series that can transfer data at 3000 MB/s, there is a BlackPearl option that is just right for every organization.

Why BlackPearl?

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Private Cloud
Reduced Complexity


“The Spectra T950 plus BlackPearl solution gives us the comfort we need to do our work without worrying about capacity issues for many years.”
Dr. Jerzy Bodurka, Associate Professor/CTO, Laureate Institute for Brain Research

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What’s Inside BlackPearl?

Base ConfigurationsPublic or Private CloudNAS InterfaceInput/Output OptionsObject CacheObject DatabaseObject Online DiskData Resiliency and DR
What's Inside
Public or Private Cloud
Public or Private Cloud
Input Output Options
Object Cache
Object Database
Object Online Disk
Data Resiliency and DR

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Industry Use Cases

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Vertical Markets

Client Developers

Software clients are available from Spectra Logic partners for a variety of markets including Media and Entertainment, High Performance Computing, Video Surveillance and general clients for markets like Health Care, Genomics and IT. Customers can also utilize Spectra Logic designed clients or build a Spectra S3 application.

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“The Spectra BlackPearl is extremely user friendly and is an ideal product to archive broadcast data and to manage that across multiple locations.”
Chuck Buelow, Vice President of Business Development, Empress Media Asset Management


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