Spectra T950

Enterprise Storage without Compromise

The Spectra® T950 Tape Library leads the field in innovation, flexibility, performance and functionality, from its super high storage capacity to its proactive media management. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability, the T950 library reduces staff involvement and scales easily in capacity and throughput. From 50 to 10,020 LTO slots, you can store over 60PB (150PB compressed*) of data. With up to 120 drives you can transfer data up to 129.6TB/hr. (324TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-7 tape technology.

The Spectra T950 provides maximum flexibility by allowing you to populate your library with LTO tape technology or IBM® TS11X0 Enterprise Tape Technology, enabling you to choose the technology that is perfect for your business.

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“Spectra Logic gives us the most cost effective, secure and efficient means of safeguarding our clients’ digital assets and ensuring they are readily available for valuable versioning and subtitling projects. Floor space was also a major factor in our decision, along with the T950’s massive density and LTO format.”
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